Quarterly newsletters are coordinated by Basava Samithi of Australasia on a regular basis and compiled as “Sharana Spandana”. Articles from Basava philosophy activists, predominantly from India and other chapters are requested to contribute. The first newsletter was published in November 2013. Since then, over 8 newsletters have been published to date. These newsletter articles were written in both Kannada (South Indian language) and English.

It featured some of the interesting topics such as pilgrimage places of Karnataka, which depict the birthplace of Lord Basava and other Sharanas. There are also some puzzles on Sharanas and brain teasers to motivate the users to learn more about Basava’s philosophy. The Australasian Basava Samitis in the region also provided an update on the respective chapter activities. Dr Manjunath Rajashekar has been the chief editor of these articles. The archived newsletters can be accessed here.

In the future, quarterly newsletters will continue to publish as BSAPAC digital newsletters on this website.
In view of standardising and rationalising the articles and publications for an international audience, BSAPAC endeavours to publish trusted and certified also encourages authors to contact us for reaching their messages to wider groups.