Our Culture

BSAPAC has a great public culture that inspires and enables its people to achieve their best, our work culture is designed to ensure just that. Guided by Guru Basava’s values and strong identity, we cultivate an environment of collaboration, solidarity and belongingness. We promote transparency and trust in our relationships in an atmosphere of openness and inclusivity where ideas flourish, learning is integral, and feedback is encouraged.

Integrating communities in a diversified, multi-lingual, widespread geography across several jurisdictions is our specialty. Our impact is far beyond communicating a perspective unique to this charity that is global and inter-connected. There are no self-serving agendas or false promises. In fact, our motivation is incentivised by the group success and we hold on to the values amidst adversities. We are squarely focused on solving problems in an ethical manner adopting Guru Basava’s way until the intent is fulfilled.

BSAPAC is all about investing in and building relationships and have been shaping individuals for a few decades. Our long tenured volunteers and leaders are a testimony of a culture, where you feel at home. This is the destination to drive change, value teamwork, and showing compassionate towards each other where you strive to innovate.