Get Involved

Membership to this international charity is through public associations only. A public association can be incorporated or unincorporated. A group of members living in a common geographical area sharing common objects can come together to form a chapter (member) and avail the benefits of this charity.


Anyone from the general public who is interested in participating and serving the community is encouraged to locate a local chapter nearby. Individuals and families wishing to participate and get involved can approach their local chapters in the geographies specified below.


Members of the public are also encouraged to seek BSAPAC’s assistance if they are interested in opening a chapter. BSAPAC provides fundamental resources and assistance to establish, run and advance their interests in line with the objectives of this Charity.


Sponsorships and partnering opportunities are also available for organisations to work with us.

Public funds and donations are encouraged to promote the objects of this Charity. Sponsorship and partnership with this charity is also encouraged. Sponsorships and partnerships can be across the entire operation of this charity and/or confined to chapters only.