Perth Chapter

Second Asia Pacific Basava Convention 2025

The Perth Chapter welcomes you to this event planned for April-May 2025.  Extensive planning and coordination activities have already commenced. It will be an extravaganza and culmination of Guru Basava and his followers vachanas (values) expressed through debates, talks, speeches and various forms of art. 

Receive intelligent insights from some of the leading professionals, philosophers, and entrepreneurs in the adoption of Guru Basava philosophy. Significantly motivate your personal as well as professional growth. Get suitable insights to your problems without having to read through lengthy documents and books by talking to experts. Learn apt application of Guru Basava philosophy to ease your daily stress and to better respond to challenges of life. 

Eminent speakers from diverse backgrounds will enlighten the audience  

The event welcomes linguistically diverse, multi-cultural people from all walks and backgrounds from interstate cities and internationally from around the world.  

BSAPAC takes great pride in recognising and honouring individuals and organisations for their yeoman service to protect, promote and adopt the values of Guru Basava during these international events



Monthly Mahamane

We organize a monthly gathering called “Mahamane” on every second Saturday of the month. Members, families, and invitees come together to discuss and debate the teachings of Basava tatva, Sharana parampare, and their relevance in today’s world. During the event, different families take turns hosting dasoha, which is the distribution of prasada. Our aim is to promote community participation, lateral thinking, and peer support through this activity. 

Monthly Kannada Shale (school)

Monthly Kannada Shaale for Kids The Perth chapter hosts a monthly Kannada Shaale during the mnthly Mahamane, offering children a chance to learn and admire their cultural heritage. This initiative is essential in preserving and promoting the diverse cultural traditions of the Indian community among the younger generation. Our dedicated teachers have also volunteered to teach Kannada to kids in other organizations.

Perth Chapter Award

This prestigious award was presented at the annual Deepavali Mela organized by the ISWA on November 5, 2023  

Events Conducted by Social Communities The Perth Chapter of the Basava Samiti of Asia Pacific actively volunteers for events hosted by various social communities, promoting unity and social cohesion among diverse groups. This award inspires Indian community members to volunteer for a brighter future.

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Clean Up Australia

The chapter participates in the Clean Up Australia campaign, demonstrating its commitment to environmental sustainability and a cleaner, healthier Australia. By volunteering, the chapter contributes to the well-being of the Australian community. 

6th International Sharana Convention 2014 

HOSTED 6th International Sharana Convention 2014 

Sixth International Sharana Convention(2014) One of the notable achievements of the Perth chapter was hosting the Sixth International Sharana Convention in 2014. The convention gathered people from various backgrounds to exchange ideas, and discuss and promote Basava Philosophy and social welfare initiatives. This event demonstrated the chapter’s dedication to enhancing cultural exchange and community development. 

Development of ISWA and Construction of Indian Community Centre (ICC) 

The Basava Samiti of Asia Pacific Perth Chapter has played an active role in supporting the development of the Indian Society of Western Australia (ISWA) and the construction of the ICC building. The members of the Samiti have voluntarily contributed to fundraising efforts to support the construction of the ICC. The Samiti itself has also made a considerable contribution through its own fundraising efforts and is recognized as a founding association member of the ICC project. Some of our members have actively participated in the construction activity as volunteers, providing their expertise as specialists and consultants. This involvement demonstrates our chapter’s commitment to the growth and progress of the Indian community in Western Australia. 

Support for ISWA and Consulate General of India Events 

The chapter has consistently supported ISWA/CGI in various events, including Independence day parade, Sangam(Independence day), Deepawali Mela, and Holi. Through their active participation, the chapter has contributed to the success and cultural vibrancy of these important celebrations within the Indian community. 

Blood Donation Camps 

Periodically, the Perth chapter holds a blood donation camp, providing an opportunity for individuals to contribute to life-sustaining and life-saving procedures for those in need. This initiative highlights the chapter’s dedication to the well-being and health of their fellow community members and society. 

Committee Members

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Basava Samiti of Asia Pacific (BSAPAC) Perth Chapter was established in 2009 as “Basava Samithi of Australasia – Perth Chapter” (BSOA), by a dedicated group of families with the common goal of promoting Basava Philosophy, education and social services through various volunteering activities. In 2022 BSOA merged with BSAPAC, over a period of time, the chapter has grown into a well established organization with nearly 100 members based in WA.  

Perth Chapter is the youngest chapter to host the Sixth International Sharana Convention in 2014 during which it attracted many delegates from India and other parts of Asia Pacific.

The community recognises Perth Chapter for cohesiveness, harmony and welcoming nature. It works in partnership with several other associations and cultural organisations to co-host events, enable joint participation of artists at various festivals. It is recognised for the selfless services done by the community leaders.

The Chapter also conducts classes for the children and hosts “Mahamane” every month to encourage discussions on the Vacahanas.