Basava Samiti of Asia Pacific Ltd (BSAPAC) is a non-profit charity established in 2020 under Australian law, with international operations encompassing New Zealand, Singapore, and Australia, drawing on decades of experience from Basava Samithi’s work in these regions.

BSAPAC is dedicated to propagating Guru Basava’s philosophy to uplift humanity, offering effective tools to shape individual character and behavior, ultimately striving to establish an egalitarian society.

Our Chapters

It’s an exciting time for Basava Samiti of Asia Pacific as we witness significant growth throughout Asia, with the establishment of dedicated chapters in key cities such as Adelaide, Brisbane, Cairns, Perth, and New Zealand. Our presence in these diverse regions allows us to engage with local communities, address unique challenges, and foster meaningful collaborations. 

Inauguration And First Basava Convention


The INAUGURATION marked a significant milestone as Basava Samiti chapters from across Australia and New Zealand united to promote and embrace the profound philosophy of Guru Basava as a guiding principle for life. This inaugural APAC BASAVACONVENTION provided a platform for renowned speakers and global communities to come together, express their devotion to Guru Basava’s teachings, and reinforce the widespread adoption of his profound philosophy.

Read More about Inauguration And First Basava Convention

Stay tuned for our exciting Second Asia Pacific Basava Convention in 2025! Read more here.

Support Us

We welcome all support in various forms, including volunteering your time and skills, making a donation of any size, or becoming a member of our community. These are essential ways to contribute to our charity’s mission.

Learn To Grow


The Basava Samiti Learn2Grow program focuses on providing accessible training opportunities for volunteers in technology and graphic design using Microsoft and Canva tools. Emphasizing values like service to mankind and personal growth, the program offers skill development regardless of financial constraints.

Successful participants may attend Microsoft Reactor social impact events and workshops, reflecting the program’s commitment to empowering individuals with technical skills while fostering inclusivity and compassion within the community.


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