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Inaugural Convention

The Inaugural Convention On the 8, 9 April 2023 at Mahatma Gandhi Centre, Auckland, New Zealand hosted the official inauguration of this international charity.

It met its objectives of ENGAGE • EDUCATE • EMPOWER • ENLIGHTEN in accordance with the theme of the BSAPAC Charity and Guru Basava’s Vision for Global Peace and Harmony. BSAPAC connects and unities small communities with a core purpose of promoting Guru Basava philosophy across the Asia Pacific region under one umbrella.

First Asia Pacific Basava Convention

Day 1 Overview (8 April 2023)

Event Commencement
The event commenced with the Chapter Parade, Master Nandish Karekal, and Mrs. Kavita Srinivas anchored the parade showcasing the Chapters of the BSAPAC displayed their banners, dressed up in the 12th Century Sharanas costumes and marched along the convention hall. The Chapters included Adelaide (Australia), Brisbane (Australia), Cairns (Australia), Perth (Australia), New Zealand Chapter as host and the Board members. Basava Samithi Bangalore (India) also participated in the parade. Singer Ms. Kshipra Swamy sang the Vachana to commence this historic parade of BSAPAC. The BSAPAC Song highlighting the dedication of the sharanas was played during the parade.
Inaugural Function

The evening program was anchored by Mrs. Kumuda Setty, who welcomed the dignitaries and guests from far and wide. Renowned singer Mr. Balachandra Bhat and his team sang vachanas highlighting the values from Guru Basava in classical Hindusatni music style. Mr. Balachandra Bhatt is renowned for his classical singing in Auckland. This was then followed by the inaugural function, wherein the delegates received a warm welcome from the Maori Kapahaka Team, welcoming them to the home country through Powhiri and Karanga performance by the WHEIAO HAKA group. The first inaugural welcome speech was delivered by the First Founding Chair Dr. Lingappa Kalburgi MNZ, JP (M. Sc, Ph D).

Opening Speeches
Dr. Kalburgi built upon his extensive experience in India, United Arab Emirates, and New Zealand to lay the foundation for this international charity. He welcomed all the delegates from India and Australia including the Ministers shared the excitement and the vision of the BSAPAC. The Maori leader, Mr. Aravind Jatti, President Basava Samiti, Bengaluru, India, New Zealand Indian Central Association President, Mr. Narendra Bhana, Auckland; Indian Association, President Mr. Dhanshukh Lal, Mr. Mahaling Mahagaonkar, Shivarudra Trust, India, BSAPAC Convention Coordinator, Trustee and Founder Jeet Suchdev, Bharatiya Samaj Charitable Trust, Mr. Shiv Kilari (new election candidate), Ms. Melissa Lee (Opposition member).
Introduction of Stakeholders
He congratulated and thanked the President Mrs. Leena Kalaburgi from NZ Chapter as well as Mrs. Usha Palakshappa, Advisor, New Zealand Chapter, Mr. Rajkumar Swamy, Secretary New Zealand Chapter, Mr. Pradeep, Kantharaju and other Executive Committee members on this historic occasion. He also welcomed the stakeholders of BSAPAC namely the Brisbane Chapter president Mrs. Shashikala Movnachar, Mr. Nagarajappa Siddappa, BSAPAC Perth Chapter, Mr. Shadakhsari Adavayyanamath, President, Adelaide Chapter, Mr. Rajashekhar Muddappa (in absentia) BSAPAC Cairns Chapter. He introduced the Deputy Chair and Executive Director of BSAPAC, Mrs Girija Karekal to execute the inauguration Ceremony.
Overview of BSAPAC
Mrs. Girija Karekal from Brisbane, Australia in her speech provided an overview of the birth of BSAPAC and the hard work of the volunteers and the BSAPAC team to have come forward to establish and impart a value-based system for the Generation Z and Generation Alpha in the society. BSAPAC’s universal approach to include each and every one bringing in cultural diversity into the charity and imparting Guru Basava values in accordance with the Government legislations across the commonwealth of nations. BSAPAC has the potential to expand to 128 countries across the world in a seamless and swift manner.
Inauguration Rituals
Respects to the three nations namely New Zealand, Australia and India were offered by playing the National Anthems respectively. Singer Kshipra Swamy, sang the BSAPAC’s motto ‘ಛಲಬ ೇಕು ಶರಣಂಗ ಪರಧನವನ ೊಲ ೆನ ಂಬ, ಛಲಬ ೇಕು ಶರಣಂಗ ಪರಸತಿಯನ ೊಲ ೆನ ಂಬ,..’ while the inauguration cauldron designed and built to depict the 12th century Anubhava Mantapa was light by Minister for Immigration, Transport, Workplace Relations and Safety, Auckland, Finance – Associate Minister. The lighting of the lamps at Guru Basava photo and offering respect to the Basava Yugada Vachana MahaSamputa marked this historic inaugural ceremony.
Inaugural Speech and Report Release

The inauguration speech was delivered by Minister Wood, who acknowledged the significance of the charities in the community. Minister Wookd also released the BSAPAC Inaugural Report to mark this historic occasion. The inaugural report is an 80-page comprehensive, charity report that highlights the birth of BSAPAC, the transition and key success factors and achievements during its formation until now including the financial statements. Other cultural programs that entertained the audience included the Basava Samiti NZ Chapter Ladies group singing Ninna Neneve Basavanna Details of Artists, Easha Nischal (Dr. Usha Aunty’s Granddaughter), Vachana Singing Details of Artists (Kumuda to inquire) 15 mins Diwakar Students Vachana Singing Details of Artists (Kumuda to inquire).

First Asia Pacific Basava Convention

Day 2 Overview (9 April 2023)

Early Morning Session
The early morning session commenced with the Istalinga Meditation; a technique popularised by Guru Basava. Younger generation namely Ms. Apoorva and Chetana anchored the program by introducing the significance of the meditation techniques to all. Several vachanas were recited by the group collectively and individually. Apoorva, Vihaan, Chetana, Arpita, Saanvi joined the program and this session concluded into the breakfast. The morning session was anchored by Mr.Dinesh Mysuru, Auckland and Mrs. Shashikala Movnachar from Brisbane, Australia. Little Ms. Apoorva Patil sang the vachana prayer to commence the session.
Key Participants
The Board Basava Samiti of Asia Pacific Ltd Hon Chair Dr Lingappa Kalburgi, MNZM, JP Hon Deputy Chair and Executive Director, Mrs. Girija Karekal, Mr. Aravind Jatti, President, Basava Samiti, Bengaluru, India Basava Samiti of Asia Pacific (NZ Chapter) Inc. President Mrs. Leena Kalburgi Basava Samiti of Asia Pacific Ltd, Adelaide Chapter President Mr. Shadakhsari Adavayyanamath from Adelaide Basava Samiti of Asia Pacific Ltd, Brisbane Chapter President Mrs. Shashikala Movnachar Basava Samiti of Asia Pacific Ltd, Mr. Mahalingappa Mahagaonkar, Founder of Shivarudra Trust, Kalburgi, India were present.
Opening Speeches
Mrs. Leena Kalburgi, President, BSAPAC New Zealand Chapter Inc. welcomed the audience and delivered the first speech of the First Basava Asia Pacific Convention. Keynote Speaker and Chief Guest Mr. Arvind Jatti, President, Basava Samiti, Bengaluru, India delivered his first speech highlighting the importance of “Transcending Knowledge with Ignorance” and released the first BSAPAC Convention Souvenir. The souvenir houses a collection of articles on the Guru Basava philosophy in multiple languages namely Kannada, Marati, English and Hindi. Mr.Jatti also chaired the first panel discussion on the topic “Arive Guru” – Self Realisation is the True Teacher” where in the BSAPAC Board, Chapter Presidents and BSAPAC NZ Advisor Mrs. Usha Palakshappa participated in the discussion and delicious lunch.
Afternoon Session
The afternoon session commenced with the Anubhava Ghosti and the second panel discussion, the program was introduced and anchored by little children. The multi-faith community leaders introduced themselves and their relevance of the Topic Transcending Knowledge with Ignorance Chinese Christians Ajit Singh Randhawa, Sikh Community Sushant Kadole, Jain Community Aadil Basha, Muslim Community Mr. Arvind Jatti, President Basava Samiti, Bangaluru. This panel discussion was followed by the Mr. Bhav Dhillon, Hon. Consul of India in Auckland address and he chaired the Community leaders honour program. Key community leaders honoured during this program are Mr Ajay Ravi, President, New Zealand Kannada Koota Inc. Mr. Garry Gupta, Chairperson, Migrant Careers Support Trust, Dr Primla Khar, President, Indian Association Manukau NZ, Mr. Vishal Rishi, Director, The Asian Netwok Inc. (TANI), Mrs. Roopa Suchdev, Chairperson Roopa aur Aap, Mr. Kalyan Rao Kasuganti, President Telangana Federation, Mr. Suneel Kuncha, President New Zealand Telugu Association, Mr. Dev Nadkarni, Centre for Indian Performing Arts, Mr. Ella Kumar, Chair, Puketapapa Local Board Health and Fitness Educator, Mr. Vai Ravindran, President Auckland Tamil Association, Mr.Manjunath B P, Basava Samiti of Asia Pacific (New Zealand) Inc. Mr. Venkat Raman, Editor, Indian Newslink, Mr. Yugal Parashar, Editor, The Indian News, Mr. Ravi Bajpai. Indian Weekender, and Mrs. Trupti Dev.
Evening Program and Closing Ceremony
The evening program was an extravaganza of cultural talent portrayed by the locals from Kannada Koota and others. The event concluded with an extravaganza closing ceremony featuring the presentation of the BSAPAC Jewel Awards. These prestigious awards were bestowed upon Mr. Pramod Nagaraj (Perth), Mr. Linden May (Brisbane), Ms. Dan Wu (Adelaide), and Mrs. Dr. Danamma Zalaki (India), of the BSAPAC Charity, in recognition of their unparalleled passion to serve and their unwavering commitment to achieving excellence. Additionally, the BSAPAC Research Award was awarded to Dr. Avinash Kavi (India) for his outstanding research and contribution to the Sharana philosophy. The second hallmark of the closing ceremony was the much-awaited announcement of next venue and transferring of the convention baton. The Second BSAPC Convention will be held in Perth, Western Australia and the convention baton was transferred from Mrs Leena Kalburgi to Mr Nagarajappa Siddappa, president BSAPC, Perth Chapter Inc. Australia. The event was well received by people from diversified ethnicity including Korea, China, New Zealanders (Kiwis), Estonia, India, Maoris and their spirits, motivation significantly enhanced.